Андрей Аршавин возобновил общение с детьми

Footballer Andrey Arshavin establishes a relationship with ex-wife Yulia Baranovskaya, who gave birth to him and raising three children children. After her divorce with the athlete, the woman repeatedly stated that a man stopped to chat with the kids and not helping them financially, but now, I hope everything will change for the better – the other day Andrew met with his sons Tom, Arseny and daughter Jana.

This meeting was the first time in two years. In the spring of this year, Arshavin is working in Kazakhstan and the majority of their time spends on the basis of football club “Kairat”. Father and children met in a Park where we walked for a few hours. Of course, Andrew brought the children gifts. The representative of Arshavin told journalists, the stories spread by the media, if a player is a bad father – just stories, and actually it works only in order to make the maintenance of their children.
“Andriy has always been a good father. He could retire at any time and to do nothing, but he continues to go out on the football field to earn money, most of which goes to the maintenance of his children,” — said the representative.
He also added that the children communicate with the father, mainly by phone, because we live now in different countries, and visit them often Andrew is not possible.
We will remind that Arshavin left the family when Yulia Baranovskaya was pregnant with my third child. In an interview with the mother of three admitted that from a protracted depression helped her to get a nanny looking after the children.
“In my life was two tears. Two years that I’ve deleted from my life. Recover helped me Larissa, the nanny of my children. She worked with us for a long time, even before this all happened. Then she had to leave for a year, but when she came back, told me: “Julia, in the year you cried and felt sorry for himself. I have during this time the children finished school and went to College. All around something changes, and once you have all remains the same – you just sit and feel sorry for myself. It’s your life and it passes! You can spare your time?”. At that moment I realized that I need to move on, otherwise I will forever be stuck in that horrible depressive state. I decided that I need to take myself in hand, and it worked for me” — said Baranovskaya.

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