Старшая сестра Виктории Бони зарабатывает на продаже средств для похудения

In may this year, Victoria Bonya and her family alarmed the whole Internet message about the disappearance of the older sister of a movie star – angelina. In the end, the 38-year-old woman was found after a few days. However, explanations about where the woman was, the press said.

Despite the fact that the life of Boney, exposed, her family lead a modest life and angelina is no exception. In life, a woman earns by selling products for weight loss.

Angelina have to settle for this while her sister is enjoying life in Monaco.

It is known that the representatives of the family Bonia is not so smooth because of the fame he has achieved in Victoria, but which never got angelina.

But do sisters prefer not to talk about.

We will remind, last week Victoria Bonia was faced with the opposite side of that same glory. Good intentions Boni to help the severely ill child turned to her accusation of embezzlement that people, netizens donated to the boy’s treatment. Victoria this fact is very upset and angry. In Instagram the former star of “House-2” has published evidence that journalists lie urged not lead to provocations and not to believe in slander. Members Bonnie supported her for the most part, but there were also those who said that the smoke without fire does not happen and benefactors agree to help each other not without benefits for themselves.


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