Мэтт Дэймон считает Брэда Питта недооцененным актером

Matt Damon is different from some of his Hollywood colleagues. While some glorify his name and believe that they are the most talented people of quinolines, Matt demonstrates an amazing lack of confidence in themselves, their abilities and strength.

So, Matt talked about the case when the role that was meant brad pitt, got it. Then Damon could not believe his luck and could not realize that his skills put to the same degree that the sexy Hollywood actor: “I was Sitting once in the sun loungers around the lake Como in Italy. Comes Brad Pitt. Comes in, asks if I agree to play in the project, which will be filmed in my hometown of Boston? “recalled Matt. Brad was one of the producers of “the Departed” and for some reason she thinks she’s too old to play most. And the famous Boston accent was afraid not to overpower… well, my acting career was the most absurd situation: I got into the project, “the Departed”, which brought Martin Scorsese directing a well-deserved “Oscar”… still don’t understand how I was able to replace Pitta”.

Matt confesses that he is almost a fan of brad since he admires everything that he does, but believes that pitt is still undervalued as a professional. Damon said that once watching a movie with the participation of pitt, was just admiring them: “I spent the last five minutes nothing was heard of what this guy said. Just watched it, that’s all.” “That day I realized that acting charm, there are both positive and negative sides. Mediocre movies charm artist compensates. And the pictures distract from the most important. That is why I think brad is still undervalued as an actor”

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