Андрей Губитн отверг внебрачного сына и отказался от ДНК-теста The artist did not recognize the relationship with a 21 year old guy who came to the program “the Stars aligned” and said that his mother gave birth to the famous singer. Andrey Gubin says that he has always been careful in relationships with girls, so he can’t have children.
Андрей Губитн отверг внебрачного сына и отказался от ДНК-теста

One of the guests on the latest edition of the talk show “the Stars aligned” was Andrei Gubin. Transfer, invited 21-year-old boy named max. Presumably, the popular actor is his father. At least so says the mother of a young man.

Andrey Gubin and Yulia Beretta reunited

First presenter Lera Kudryavtseva actively asked the star of the 90s his novels. According to the singer, he has no personal life. The artist prefers to take care of your health. “I have a very complicated relationship with girls. Will healthy, will be different. There are many girls who are like,” explained Andrew.

According to the artist, he always tried to monitor safety during sex.

Андрей Губитн отверг внебрачного сына и отказался от ДНК-теста“I know that I have always had a certain cleanliness to relations with women. I watched very carefully, because he knew that for women abortion is a serious thing,” – said Gubin.
Андрей Губитн отверг внебрачного сына и отказался от ДНК-теста

When the singer announced that the Studio will come Maxim, who believes the artist’s father, Gubin reacted skeptically. “He’s lying, of course,” said Andrew.

According to 21-year-old Maxim, his mother’s name is Marina. She met Andrey in Donetsk. When the boy was in the eighth grade, the woman told him that his famous father.

“A friend invited her to a concert of Andrew, met behind the scenes with Andrew… And then they came out casual relationship”, – said Maxim.

Guests gathered in the Studio, decided that the artist needs to do a paternity test. Andrew insists that he cannot be children born out of wedlock. Gubin reacted negatively to the situation. He’s not going to take her son and is ready to proceedings before the court.

“I do not deny that twenty years ago I walked and hung out with girls in different cities when he was on tour through Russia. Anything could happen. But if this guy is serious — please meet him in court”, – said Andrey.

Some colleagues Gubina believe that the 21-year-old max wants the PR, it has come to pass. The young man makes the first steps in the musical field. The guy even stated in the official group in the social network that he is the son of Andrei Gubin.

“Thank you for hyping me”, – so reacted to the news singer.

Guests were surprised why the boy’s mother came to shooting. According to Maxim, she gave him the opportunity to look into the matter.