Ilya Yabbarov seeking help from fans

Илья Яббаров ищет помощи у фанатов
Former member of the famous TV project “Dom-2” Ilya Yabbarov wrote in his microblog appeal to the subscribers.

Илья Яббаров ищет помощи у фанатов

Ilya told about what his family is going through hard times, the daughter of his sister was diagnosed with a terrible disease. The man asks for help from followers to collect money for the surgery niece.

Илья Яббаров ищет помощи у фанатов

“Friends, would appreciate any help! My niece Veronika was diagnosed with spinal cord tumor thoracic. A large sum of money for the operation – 55 thousand dollars! All the documents on hand for any request, we can provide them! Thanks in advance for your support and help!” – left the post in Instagram Yabbarov.

I hope that she will be able to overcome this terrible disease, I wish her strength to fight the disease.

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