Эдгард Запашный станет отцом в третий раз The choice of the trainer is pregnant. According to friends of the couple, the baby of Edgard and Yaroslavna was born in early autumn. Mom zapashnogo endorses the choice of his son, noting that he is very happy with the girl.
Эдгард Запашный станет отцом в третий раз

In the family of the trainer soon would be a joyous occasion: the bride is pregnant. For the 26-year yaroslavny this will be the first child for 40-year-old Edgard third.

“The time was decent, – said the “StarHit” friends of the couple. – Baby will be born in early autumn. The pregnancy is the easy part, she leads an active life: go to concerts, meet with friends, leaves the city. For four years they are with Edgard managed to test a relationship and realized that is ripe for the progeny.”

Эдгард Запашный станет отцом в третий раз

Zapashny met with a striking brunette in 2013 in the company of friends. Broke novel: those who traveled and spent a lot of time together and soon moved in together. To be closer to Edgar Yaroslavna settled by the administrator in the Circus of Zapashny brothers.

Mother the trainer endorsed the selection.

“She is kind, calm, not what we, the restless – shared Tatiana covered with a wrapped with “StarHit”. – Son is happy with her, I don’t!”

Yaroslavna familiar with the daughters of Edgard – 4-year-old Gloria and 6-year-old bride pregnant. For 26-years – Stephanie. Both girls were born in a civil marriage with a fitness coach Olga Denisova.

Ex-lover zapashnogo got married in March this year gave birth to a son. In may of Edgard with Kiev and Olga with her husband Dmitry and children rested together on the lake near krasnoznamenskoe. Stesha and Gloria are happy to babysit your little brother. Soon one little boy in a friendly family will be more.