Андрей Черкасов покидает «Дом-2» One of the most prominent participants of telestroke finally made the decision to leave the project. Andrei Cherkasov, who was fourth in the contest “man of the year”, wants to find love outside of the reality show.

      Before it became known who was the winner of the contest “man of the year” reality show “Dom-2”. Wife of Gleb Zhemchugova, Olga Veter scored 29,63% of the audience votes. Waiting for her career in show business and the keys to the apartment in Zelenograd.

      On the project “Dom-2” was named “Person of the year”

      One of the most famous participants of the project Andrei Cherkasov was only in fourth place, receiving 21,24%. The man was stunned of all the inhabitants of telestroke his statement that he left “House-2”. According to Andrew, the idea is to leave the reality show came to him long as he was disappointed in the girls who are on the court. Cherkasov tries to find his only outside the perimeter.

      “My decision to leave the project was not spontaneous. I’m here 3.5 years, but was never able to build a relationship. And I want family and I want to make his mom happy grandchildren. But unable to please their fans – the project I left as a participant. Now I will keep coming back as a “Mentor”. I will give advice to the guys, he shares his experience to help them. I hope that the audience will not notice my leaving. And Olga Wind from the start, I wanted to win. She was very much needed!”, – said Andrew.

      Over a long period of time the magazine wanted to find happiness in family life together with bright party Victoria romanet. However, the relationship is one of the most harmonious pairs project over the break. Breakup girl is not always flattering comments about ex-lover. According to her, the perimeter of the “House-2” Andrey no chance to find love. “Do you think that life Cherkasov will enjoy success with the girls? This is ridiculous!”, – said Victoria.

      Victoria romanet publicly humiliated Andrei Cherkasov

      Cherkasov does not react to such attacks romanet. He believes that by leaving the “House-2”, will be able to meet the future mother of his children. The more he knows, the kind of girl he needs.

      “Loyalty, love of sports and the presence of the elastic priests are necessary, don’t even come to me without it. I play sports and in his thirty-four give a head start over twenty years, the jerks who are with us on the project. Thrift. I’m leaving for work, have to be sure that my children crawl on the floor, and when they are hungry, they are given tasty and healthy food” – so described the ” girl of his dreams.

      Recall that Andrei Cherkasov appeared on the project in 2007. After two years of participation on telestroke, he decided to leave the reality show. However, after four years leading the program with open arms took Cherkasova back. Now the man will give advice to other members of telestroke.

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