Жанна Бадоева устроила романтические каникулы с любимым TV presenter flew to rest on Mauritius. Zhanna badoeva enjoys beautiful views of the ocean, reads a lot and basked in the lounger under the African sun. The woman claims that loves to be lazy on vacation and do nothing. This supports her husband Basil.

      A few days ago TV presenter Joan badoeva went on vacation with her beloved husband Basil by Melnichenk and daughter Lolita. The woman decided to go to a unique island of Mauritius. Badoev shares his impressions of family vacations in his microblog. “To work well, you need to relax. What I’m doing now,” said Jeanne on the page in a social network.

      While on holiday morning leading TV channel Friday!” begins with a reading and a dip in the pool, where she tries to catch before the others. In the middle of the day Jeanne, her husband and daughter Lolita go to the beach to enjoy the ocean views. The heiress Badoeva first tried water skiing, but she was not liked. She TV star prefers to spend most of their time on the beach on a sun lounger.

      Many friends and fans leading don’t understand how on such a wonderful island like Mauritius you can sit in a hotel and not go on excursions to various interesting places. Jeanne explained why she’s so lazy on vacation.

      “Nothing for me to be better on vacation than peace, and family! And of course, this is the best hotel from which generally will not want to go. My work has many pros and cons! One of the downsides is that my work is action, movement, new emotions, new places, no peace and quiet. I understand that now listed the “cons” of their work that many will raise a smile or irritation! So what to do. I had chosen this path and have lived for almost 7 years!” – admitted Badoev.

      The microblog Zhanna Badoeva signed by 900 thousand people. The other day she thanked her fans for what they give her so much attention. Jeanne showed a frame with a spouse, the signature which invited fans to ask questions. Users of the social network are bombarded with leading notes, which were interested in her personal life: is the star of “Friday” to have a third child, as she met Basil, and many others. Badoev not yet found time to respond to followers.

      Jeanne and her husband got married in 2014 in Italy, where they live in the moment. According to the leader, they have with Basil is not conflict and serious fighting, because he shows patience and does not react to aggression, which sometimes overwhelms Jeanne. Free time they spent not in the noisy bars or restaurants, but at home watching an interesting film.

      “For us, the best romance is when we can be alone, turn on the TV and watch a movie. In General, a kind of “old romance.” Apparently, due to the fact that we so rarely do we get such moments of great pleasure. It was unbelievable, when we find ourselves alone on our terrace, drinking coffee and just sitting in silence,” said Badoev in one interview, talking about his beloved wife.

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