“And another wedding!” Maria Kulikova tried on the bridesmaid dress

«И снова свадьба!» Мария Куликова примерила платье невесты
The actress has lost in the emergency.

Maria Kulikova

Photo: @m.kulikova77 Instagram Maria Kulikova

Maria Kulikova again became a bride. However, congratulations need to wait: the actress got married on duty. Now she takes part in the filming of a new project, where in one scene, Mary will appear before the audience in a magnificent wedding gown. Kulikova often trust the role of a wife: during the past season it has repeatedly become someone’s bride. “And another wedding! I do not remember what the account this summer!” — Maria laughs.

During the filming of the hall Maria, by the way, got into a very unpleasant story, forcing her to remember the skills of first aid. “The center of Moscow,literally melted from the heat… the Woman suddenly fell,and in my fright I couldn’t remember what numbers you need to dial! In the head, for some reason, only 03 and 911 arrived! Smart people, suggested -112! In General, despite the fact that the change is not on the “Sklif”, and I veil, I still had to provide first aid and meet the ambulance…” — shared the story of Maria.

His personal life now Maria does not advertise, only fueling public interest combines heartwarming photos with Maxim Averin. But recently, Kulikov told about how he sees their future wedding. Due to the specifics of their work, Maria has long does not dream about a big celebration. She’d like to avoid too much pomp: to sign with someone in the Registrar’s office and I could fly away on a honeymoon.

Recall that Mary was married to Denis Matrosov, but in 2015, the couple divorced. From this marriage the actress had a son Ivan, with whom the former husband of actress regularly seen.