Стало известно, почему Дэниел Крэйг согласился играть Бонда
The actor promised his wife to return from the shooting without injury.

Daniel Craig

Photo: Outnow.ch

As previously reported, the other day
Daniel Craig has surprised and delighted his fans by confirming that he will play
James bond in the new film. And now it became clear why he changed the decision
the earlier decision.

When the actor announced his
consent once more to act as agent 007, all I thought was that he changed his mind
because of the money. Because Craig suggested, if he will play 007 again, to pay
a whopping $ 150 million! But, as he admitted, a huge fee
was not the only and not the main reason that forced him to sign the contract.

As told to Craig one of
his friends, he realized that he just can’t refuse to star in anniversary, 25th
the movie James bond. In addition, the actor, in the character which has always been very strong
“competitive streak”, estimated that will be able to set a record — he will stay
in the role of agent 007 as 13 years, surpassing the previous champion — Roger Moore, who played James bond
for the past 12 years. Although the other development Craig Moore are unlikely to outshine. After All, Roger
starred as bond as much as 7 times, and Daniel, so far only four. So even
if he will play 007 twice, Moore he will hardly be able to catch up…

By the way, Daniel, before
than he gave final approval to star in the new James bond film took place
serious conversation with his wife, actress Rachel wise. He promised her that this time
I will try to do smaller tricks and come back from the shooting without injury. After all, past
movies cost Daniel dearly: he hurt turns in both knees, so that he had to go through 2 surgeries, serious
damaged shoulder joint and broke a toe…