Рианна  наконец-то нашла оценившего ее мужчину
The first time the singer feels absolutely happy.

Рианна  наконец-то нашла оценившего ее мужчину



admitted one of her friends that has never before been so satisfied with their relationships with any of its
former companions, as now — her affair with Hassan Jamil. One
hand, he refers to Rihanna as the Princess and literally carries her in his arms. And
on the other — does not limit her freedom.

Hassan is a billionaire, he belongs to
the family, which is considered one of the most respected and wealthy Saudi
Arabia. He just can’t afford to behave so as to damage the reputation
his family. Although he is an Eastern man, he is not a conservative and does not seek to hide his
favorite in the four walls or force her to wear the veil. Interestingly, when
Rihanna went recently to his native Barbados to
to participate in the annual carnival and was there in a suit that barely
covered its “strategic point”, Hassan did not allow myself to judge a singer. But,
for example, her ex-boyfriend Chris brown did not miss the opportunity to speak harshly
public criticism of the candid outfit of Rihanna.

the affair with the singer Hassan began a little more than six months ago. First
time, they met in secret, trying not to attract attention to their relations attention
press. But with the beginning of the summer they ceased so thoroughly to hide from reporters. In
the end of the paparazzi managed to take their first Villa is located on
mainland Spain, then to Ibiza, where the rest of the lovers.
The only thing that upset the singer in this story is that because of its
romance with Jamil, she had a fight with
Naomi Campbell, with whom had been friends. The fact that to Rihanna Hassan
met with Naomi, and she took the beginning of a love story the singer Jamil as

Rihanna with Hassan Jamil