Анастасия Макеева призналась, что могла погибнуть в теракте в аэропорту Стамбула

Actress Anastasia Makeeva thanked his guardian angel because he saved her from the tragedy that occurred the day before at the international airport atatürk (Istanbul).

“Oh, apparently I have a guardian angel and pray for me good people. It is terrible to imagine what is happening at the airport in Istanbul, and I could have died out there. Today I was there and God has saved me from death, so I have on this earth to do something else is necessary”, — Anastasia wrote in a social network.

Note that the official data say that the terrorist attack killed 36 people, injured 150 people.

At the moment the responsibility for the incident itself, no one picked up, but the Turkish authorities believe that the perpetrators of the attack are representatives of the “Islamic state”.


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