В Москве прошли международные соревнования по конкуру

A spectacular sight gathered on tribunes of fans of equestrian sport.

Show jumping is considered to be one of the most spectacular and exciting sporting disciplines included in the Olympic programme. According to the rules, the rider must overcome is from 8 to 16 barriers on your way and reach the finish line first, gaining as little as possible penalty points. Note that the horse becomes a full participant of the competition – the success of the performance depends largely on its strength, endurance and flexibility. That is why the announcement of results and award of an athlete, and his faithful companion. Needless to say, that watch the graceful leaps of animals – a pleasure.

To appreciate the beauty of the contest in full measure on the able viewers of the world Cup FEI World Cup Jumping, which took place in Moscow horse-racing complex “the joy”. The strongest sportsmen from Russia, Baltic, CIS and Eastern Europe fought for the victory and points in the international ranking, and stands for their favorites ill lovers of the aristocratic sport. Note that traditionally, men and women participated in the race on equal terms. In the result of intense struggle the first place was taken by athlete from Lithuanian club was, Gudauskas on horseback With Tom riddle, the second place was won by the rider Gennady gashibayazov won from Russia a horse Chamonix Bi, the third place was left for the Russian rider Maria Bibikova horse Quasimodo.

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