Кит Харрингтон подрался в Макдональдсе из-за девушки

Star of TV series “Game of thrones” kit Harrington is quite popular today, and he was not brutal macho with sad eyes and even lost in the fight. In fact, even to the casting of the HBO series, he came up with a black eye, because got into a fight at McDonalds because of his girlfriend.
29-year-old actor said in a recent interview, as the night before the casting had an argument with a visitor to fast food places.

“I was with my girl when one of the visitors began to speak to her. Call it something like “fat pig”. I stood up and said that he has no right to be rude to my girlfriend and challenged him to a fight. Before, I never did. He stood up and was much taller than me, but I realized I have to go and fight, not to look weak. Of course, he beat me. The next day I went to the audition and looked especially manly with a black eye. Maybe the person that attacked me, helped me get this role,” — said the whale.

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