Ума Турман опубликовала первое селфи после неудачного падения с лошади

Last week, paparazzi caught the beautiful actress Uma Thurman on crutches. Secular chroniclers suggested that health movie star is not all right, especially it was about the hip region.

Later it became known that Thurman was injured while riding a horse. The horse just threw off the celebrity, resulting in the Minds have been broken a few bones.

The very favorite of Quentin Tarantino to talk to the press was in no hurry, but her confidant told me that the Mind has received several fractures and was in considerable pain.

It seems that now Thurman is on the mend and slowly recovering from that freak accident that happened to her.

Today the Mind was published in Instagram first photo after the incident — she imprinted on the beach with friends and children — 14-year-old Levon and 4-year-old daughter Luna.

Looking at the picture, we see the Minds of any visible damage or even plaster with crutches, because I assume the worst is over. When you consider that during posing on Cam Thurman holds his daughter, the actress adds to the load in order to get in shape.

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