Anastasia Volochkova has refused the role of “sinners”

Анастасия Волочкова отказалась от амплуа «грешницы» The ballerina amazed the fans in a new way. The fans, accustomed to the bold half-naked frame of a ballet star, was pleasantly surprised by her restrained style. Anastasia Volochkova differently, did my hair and did make-up.

Fans of Anastasia Volochkova used to see her causing frames – the dancer is exposed, the rest is very skimpy swimwear, which are posing in the splits. However, recently fans were pleasantly surprised – the ballerina wore a fairly modest black top, and on top threw a bright yellow jacket. Volochkova did the makeup, which perfectly emphasized the beauty of her eyes.

“In any weather, it is important to create a bright mood,” wrote Anastasia.

Fans were delighted with the new image of the celebrity. They are not stingy with compliments to Anastasia and said that she is incredibly freshened and changed. “A beauty, a change in hairstyle suits you very-very”, “you look Great! Hair, eyebrows – great update!”, “Anastasia, stay, stay the same as the photo! Bomb”, “That’s it! Loose hair is much cooler looking. In this way you want to see, forget about the tail, please”, “did I miss something? You have a new stylist? Congratulations very very good! Look at how much admiration! Umnichka!” – glad for Volochkova fans.

Despite the fact that many followers criticized Anastasia for what it is boldly exposed in front of the camera and looks too provocatively, she tried not to take to heart the negative feedback from subscribers. Volochkova called those who do not like her lifestyle, stop following her on the social network. The celebrity turned to the enemies who dare to let go of toxic comments in her address. Anastasia Volochkova naked in response to criticism

“My dear, you are large, small, slim or full body, whatever lifestyle you lead, whatever you do, stay people. It will make you more beautiful in relation to you. Everything in my life, I have achieved, done and was worth the work. If something in me does not like, leave feedback and focus on yourself. And then I many to live quietly not give. So don’t be sad! And exercise! Then you have in 40 years will be too slender, toned body. And the soul is good,” – wrote Volochkova.