The Russian oligarch will give ex-wife half of compensation

Российский олигарх отдаст бывшей жене полмиллиарда отступных Divorce businessman of Azerbaijani origin was one of the most expensive in the history of the UK. The former owner of Northgas Farhad Akhmedov obliged to allocate ex-wife Tatiana 41.5 per cent of total family assets.
Российский олигарх отдаст бывшей жене полмиллиарда отступных

Western media reported that a Russian businessman paid a record sum to his ex-wife. The size of compensation given to British court is approximately 588 million dollars, or about 41.5 per cent of total family assets.

Divorce billionaire has become one of the most expensive in the history of the UK. Local journalists did not disclose the names of ex-spouses, however, from the description, which appeared in the press, many reporters came to the conclusion that we are talking about a 61-year-old former owner of Nortgaz Farhad Ahmedova and his ex-wife, 41-year-old Tatiana. They met in Moscow and then moved to the UK.

The Russian businessman of Azerbaijani origin Farhad Akhmedov, whose fortune Forbes estimates at $ 1.3 billion, does not agree with the verdict, as we found out to journalists. In the media there was a comment of a businessman, who said that he divorced with his wife 17 years ago. Decision on payments Akhmedov finds “amazing”.

“This is an outrageous abuse of the English legal system from my ex-wife and her lawyers that it is used effectively for the purpose of extortion. Despite her numerous love Affairs, I always took care of my ex-wife as the mother of my children, and gave her the opportunity to live like a Queen.” – quoted Azerbaijani journalists billionaire.

In a confidential statement of the owner as of January 27, 2017 which was available to journalists, stated that Tatyana Akhmedova repeatedly cheated on her husband, “financial provides her a lavish lifestyle”. Representatives of the businessman also claimed that his fiancee “took their lovers in the marital bed, even when her sons were in the house.” In 2000, the tycoon filed for divorce.

According to correspondents, Akhmedov said the court’s decision unreasonable because he identified the ex-wife of a Grand country house in the exclusive area, which is estimated at 20 million pounds. In addition, the oligarch spent a decent amount on the luxurious lifestyle of Tatyana used the services of housekeepers, gardeners and chauffeurs. “This contrasts sharply with the position of those wives who are at the mercy of the English courts condemned to live in poverty after they left rich men” – quoted appeal of the entrepreneur.

Later, the journalists contacted by Farhad Ahmedov, who commented on the situation. The businessman told RBC that he did not intend to execute the decision of the British court.

“The prospects for this judicial decision are the same as the donut hole. No! This verdict applies only to the UK, where I have long ago nothing. I’m not a British citizen, I was there for a long time already nothing to catch,” said Ahmadov.

Let us add that a few years ago, Farkhad Akhmedov has sold its stake in the company Northgas to NOVATEK. For this transaction the businessman received $ 1.3 billion, and occupied 67-e a place in rating Forbes. Entrepreneur difficult to call a public person: he rarely goes out and gives interviews to journalists.

About the close Akhmedov know that he is the father of four children, the youngest of whom is four years. The eldest sons, the businessman recently purchased the apartment in London. By the way, three years ago in the media appeared information that the man was the owner of the world’s largest expedition yacht Luna, formerly owned by Roman Abramovich.