Анастасию Волочкову жестко осудили за новое «голое» фото Few days, the Russian ballerina held in Crete. Anastasia is not shy to show her tanned body in the photos is Topless. The latest star in a Thong has caused rough reaction of her fans.

      Анастасию Волочкову жестко осудили за новое «голое» фото

      Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova will not mind showing figure in skimpy outfits. Last week, the star was vacationing in a private Villa in Greece and swam naked in the Mediterranean sea. In his microblog she shared pictures from vacation. Many of the photographs provoked a strong reaction from users of the social network.

      On the last frame Volochkova standing in front of the mirror and taking pictures of her tanned slim figure. A striking blonde wearing only a g-string from a swimsuit to thin elastics. She covers her bare Breasts with his hand and cover from the phone. The subscribers page is called star “provocative” because she often undresses for pictures. According to some, these photos ruin her image in the eyes of the fans, because they can see the children with whom she works.

      “Anastasia, I love you very much. It is better to make gorgeous pictures without provocation. So I looked and gasped”, “How you can go to the children, to give master classes and share similar pictures. Because children are inspired by your success in the ballet, come here and see naked aunt. You undoubtedly have something to show, it’s a big stretch and so forth, but educational activities and photos in panties – this is a different sphere”, – such comments were left by users trying to explain to Anastasia, why it is unacceptable to put a lot of pictures in the Nude in a social network.

      Анастасию Волочкову жестко осудили за новое «голое» фото

      By the way, Volochkova used to criticism in his address. A few days ago she said all the offenders, causing them to leave negative comments in her address under one of the posts. She noted that people react angrily at the pictures out of jealousy that overwhelms them. She is completely happy with her figure, he thinks he looks good in clothes and without it.

      “Well, write me how to live, what to do, what to wear, which side to turn, what to swim, like to be photographed, to do the splits or not to do, to laugh or to be sad, swagger or life is boring, and so on”, – the ballerina has signed the photo where she is standing in the way of a mermaid.

      By the way, besides of hot pictures from Greece, Volochkova showed a short video in which she swims in the turbulent waves before the coming storm. Anastasia Volochkova starred in an erotic video

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