Эвелина Бледанс готовится к пластическим операциям Russian TV presenter claims to look young and beautiful she help a variety of injection, as well as folk remedies. However Bledans already eyeing the professional surgeons from France, which will help it to correct some age-related changes.

      Эвелина Бледанс готовится к пластическим операциям

      Famous TV presenter Evelina Bledans is striking in its beauty and tidiness. 47-year-old star admits that she has her own secrets to keep her skin healthy and elastic. However, drastically alter your face Evelina is not in a hurry, although it is recognized that ready-to-plastic.

      “I have 35 years of using “injections of youth”, especially in the area of the forehead. Seek treatment annually, since the upper part of the face I have movable and facial wrinkles appeared fourteen years in,” said Bledans.

      Recently the artist traveled to France, where at the clinic, she explained, when to do plastic surgery. Evelina repeatedly spoken out on the subject of surgical intervention, but she is afraid of such manipulation.

      “Surgeons who I ask to rate me in one voice say that ten years I can seriously not worry. But then, it is important for all surgical manipulations the face has not changed beyond recognition, as have many artists who mutilated himself and turned into a puppet,” explained Bledans.

      During the visit of the actress in Paris doctor of the European film stars Jean-Louis Durand said she is not required to correct the face, she has a good oval, which did not affect the age-related changes and pigmentation. Evelyn admitted that he went to a specialist for another reason – she wanted to correct her feet, made them thinner. He used a unique method of cold exposure. Using the procedure, which cools the skin to minus 8 degrees, the membrane of fat cells is torn, all the excess leaves. One treatment you can lose up to two inches.

      Bledans not ashamed of his body and willingly poses in a swimsuit. One of these photos provoked criticism from subscribers. They noted that her Breasts have lost their shape. Evelina Bledans has been imperfect Breasts

      “My lovely, let us digress from the discussion of my imperfect Breasts, two lads reared. I have repeatedly said that against the silicone, and wear what we have. And two strong guys on breastfeeding for me, much more important. And I think #sastrawinata will be much more than #supragold. Although… Someone maybe lucky with that, and with that,” he responded to the criticism Bledans.

      By the way, the presenter does not forget and about folk remedies that help maintain skin tone. Every morning she rubs her face with ice cube and also makes antioxidant mask from fresh berries. She admitted in an interview with the “Rest” that at any time of the year bathed in the sea, because it is very useful for the smoothness of the skin and health.

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