Anastasia Vinokur said his son’s birthday in the style of “the Simpsons”

Анастасия Винокур отметила день рождения сына в стиле «Симпсонов» Little Fyodor exactly a year. Anastasia Vinokur in honor of this event, has arranged a family holiday in the capital restaurant “a short East”. Hall institutions and cake for the honoree was decorated with figurines of the characters of the famous cartoon.

      The daughter of the famous humorist Vladimir Vinokur Anastasia and her husband Gregory Matveevici the soul is not fer in their firstborn, baby Fedor. Born exactly a year ago, the boy made his parents and grandparents the most fortunate people. Vladimir Vinokur was born grandson

      On 10 December a large and happy family gathered to celebrate an important date – the year of the birth of little Theodore. Place for celebration of Anastasia with her husband chose a trendy restaurant located in the heart of Moscow “a short East”.

      By the way, decorated the celebration was in the style one is also a very famous family, animated “the Simpsons”. Action figures of this popular Comedy series was decorated restaurant hall and a cake for the honoree.

      Noted Anastasia Vinokur and her husband Gregory Matveevici first son’s birthday in a narrow family circle. Among the guests – only close relatives and friends of the couple. The whole company fit for oval white table. The hero of the occasion, as befits the children of his age, was seated on a high chair and feel the hero of the evening. Proud grandpa Vladimir Vinokur performed for the grandson of the Jewish folk song “Lechaim” (to life!), and my mother posted a touching post on Instagram for the umpteenth time this year admitting Fedor in love.

      “Today is one of the most important days in our lives! The first Birthday of our baby Fedor. Mom and dad love you very much! Yes, and all grandparents and aunts and uncles and friends! And even Marnie! You are the most amazing miracle of miracles that could only happen to us! Be healthy, grow big and happy in all things,” wrote Anastasia Vinokur under the in the company of her husband and son.

      It is worth noting that unlike other star moms, Anastasia was in no hurry to get out of the decree. Most of the first year of life, the son she spent the next heir, enjoying motherhood and having refused even the help of nannies.

      Cares on education of Fedora with Nastya shared her parents, her husband Gregory and his mom and dad. Just this fall Vinokur allowed myself to return to work, and now she is busy in the Bolshoi theatre-ballet dancer which she is.

      First interview of Vladimir Vinokur on the new status of the grandfather and the education of the little Fedor already read on Monday, December 12, in the latest issue of “StarHit”.