Named unexpected results of the semi-final of “Battle of psychics”

Названы неожиданные итоги полуфинала «Битвы экстрасенсов» For the first time in the history of the project in the final edition of the program will involve four clairvoyants. The jury could not determine the three finalists. That’s why they decided to put in the gold envelope pictures of all the psychics.

      Nadezhda Shevchenko, Swami Dasha, Daria Voskoboeva and Marilyn Kerro and to the final “Battle of psychics.” In the semi-finals of the program they had to pass two difficult tests, which would determine their fate. With varying degrees of success every psychic has handled this job, thus giving a head start to its competitors. However, to determine who was among the weakest and who is strongest, and failed.

      Judging by the mood of the participants, they made themselves the thought that this time the judges and organizers of “Battle of psychics” will change rules and will allow to the final four. During the announcement of the winners of the semifinals clairvoyants visibly worried. The first presenter Marat Basharov said the name Marilyn Kerro. Estonian witch not expressed much surprise, and Hope Shevchenko and even stated that after the third exit in the ending it is impossible to experience the same emotion that was in the first time. Why Marilyn Kerro returned in the “Battle of psychics”

      Second in line was Swami Dashi, which for the participants is quite natural. He also tried to hide his emotions, but admitted that the final was not planning to retreat. “Marat, the hatchet is dug up, and in war as in war. All to the end,” said the clairvoyant. In the last two tests Dasha finally gave all to understand that he’s not just a powerful psychic, but the obvious applicant for a victory. He effortlessly managed to find the circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, the monkey handler was hiding in one of the 300 rooms of the building. And the second job helped a woman who lost her husband, cope with grief and to find meaning in life. According to a leading testing Sergei Safronov, they observed the real process of exorcism. What do we know about the mysterious Swami Dashi

      Hope Shevchenko was third among the finalists. Before the announcement of his name, she was visibly nervous, as thought that may drop out of the program. Despite the fact that she did somewhat worse than the others with the semifinal tests, it is, nevertheless, according to the judges, deserves to fight for the main prize. She failed to find a monkey at the circus on Tsvetnoy, but she was only ten feet away the room. And while chatting with a woman whose husband hanged himself in the apartment, the many faces of the witch managed to hold a special rite of purification from evil spirits. On the advice of the jury Sergei Safronov recalled how she almost caused a scandal for another trial test of “Battle of psychics”, but Vera Sotnikova stood up for her. What do we know about “the many faces of a witch” the Hope of Shevchenko

      As it turned out, the fourth finalist was fighting the witch Darius Voskoboeva. It is significantly depressed when the third call was not her, and Hope Shevchenko. Voskoboeva wilted and were ready to leave the “Battle of psychics.” But Marat Basharov decided to create intrigue and still declared the name of the clairvoyant. She did not hide her joy, although he admitted that he was ready for this outcome. It, apparently, upset the results of the semifinal trials. Voskoboeva failed to find the monkey, it for the first 15 issues of the season seriala tears. A psychic tried to fight back on the second job, but not much otlichalas from other participants. Anyway, the jury remembered how many times she was almost the only one who successfully coped with the test. Therefore, it also decided to allow until the end of the program. Why Darius Voskoboeva was among the best at “Battle of psychics”