Anastasia Vinokur learns to swim five-month-old son

Анастасия Винокур учит плавать пятимесячного сына The heir ballerina enjoys spending time in the water. Anastasia Vinokur, along with her husband Gregory Matveevici rest in Israel. Fans happily watching the kid grows up the star couple.

      Анастасия Винокур учит плавать пятимесячного сына

      The daughter of the famous humorist Vladimir Vinokur Anastasia December 10 for the first time became a mother. Ballerina of the Bolshoi theatre gave birth to a boy. Anastasia and her husband Gregory Matveevici loved in the heir. Now the family spends time in Israel. Apparently, they enjoy the warmth and sun of the Mediterranean coast. And today my parents decided that their five-month-old baby may independently float in the water. However, under the supervision and with lifeline. Anastasia could not help but share this news with your subscribers.

      “The first swim in the sea supertrue. Theodore G. was very pleased!” – said the ballerina in the microblog.

      Fans of this picture triggered the emotion. They expressed the delight of the boy, who is only five months, so feels confident in the water. “That’s business boy! Stuck in the water”, “Free swimming”, “Very cool! Well Done, Fyodor!” commented subscribers.

      A month ago, Anastasia and Gregory went on holiday to Israel and to walk on the wedding of their friends. Married couples do not have to leave the baby in Moscow and brought. In the microblog ballerina constantly shares what is happening in her son’s life.

      Winokur now perfectly copes with the role of the mother. She is on maternity leave and enjoys the time she spends with the child. Unlike many celebrities who hire assistants almost from the first days of life kids, Anastasia is attracted in case of need, only grandma and grandpa Fedor, especially since they live very close.

      Fans point out that Vinokur is a very responsible mother and loves her son. However, the soloist of the Bolshoi theatre is not going to stay long on maternity leave. She said that in September, plans to go on stage. Apparently, very soon winokur will return to rehearsals.

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