Paulina Andreeva experienced support Bondarchuk at the premiere

Паулина Андреева ощутила поддержку Бондарчука на премьере The famous Director visited the show, in which a major role was played by his bride. He was delighted with the game lover. Despite the fact that the wedding Paulina Andreeva and Fedor Bondarchuk’s say a long time, however, the pair still does not appear together at social events.

      Паулина Андреева ощутила поддержку Бондарчука на премьере

      Not so long ago the wife of a famous film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk Svetlana announced the divorce. All the fans of the pair were struck by an unexpected decision of spouses who have been married for 25 years. Later it turned out that Svetlana and Fedor for some time did not live together, but, nevertheless, was in no hurry to get a divorce. Then it turned out that the 48-year-old Director made an offer to the 27-year-old actress Paulina Andreeva. At the premiere of Dreamworks. Maccabiada” in which young actress played a major role, Bondarchuk could not leave without attention and decided to support their beloved.

      Paulina Andreeva explained why he postponed the wedding with Bondarchuk

      Immediately after the end of the play, Fedor proceeded backstage, where did not hide his feelings to the girl from the eyes of her colleagues. According to witnesses, he congratulated the actress with the premiere, admired her game, but also hugged her and kissed her. Apparently, Andreeva shone on the stage. She played the role of mistress and appeared in quite daring outfits. So, the costume cat-woman, which was made of black latex, thus emphasizing the chiseled figure of the actress. Also to create an image of the fatal temptress on the Paulina was wearing a black wig.

      Despite the fact that Andreev and Bondarchuk not put their relationship on display, and yet not appear at social events together, however, the “StarHit” managed to find out that soon there will be a wedding filmmaker and actress, but the exact date has not been determined. “Paulina has suspended the process of preparation due to the rising hype. Therefore, it is difficult to talk about the dates, time will pass and everything will take place”, – said the Director of artist Olga Loginova.

      About the relationship of the couple began to talk last fall, but long concealed the affair from prying eyes. Now the young actress tipped numerous roles in film and theater. “When Pauline came to audition, was impressed by the modest girl, – told the “StarHit” in the Chekhov Moscow art theatre. – Then we played in the play Vladimir Mashkov “№ 13D” and elated. And soon she will probably be a lot of roles.”

      As reports the edition “7 days” Paulina and Theodore did not allow the photographers to capture their sweet companionship with each other behind the scenes.

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