The star of “the eagle and tails” will be a radio host

Звезда «Орла и решки» станет радиоведущим Anton Lavrentiev will lead the project on Russian music. With him to talk about novelties of the Russian performers will be his co-host Alena Roshal. The show will be aired every evening.

      Звезда «Орла и решки» станет радиоведущим

      Well-known TV presenter of the program “heads and tails. Shopping on site,” Anton Lavrentiev decided to try something new and special to tell about distant countries and travelling, and music. Soon listeners will be able to learn about new Russian compositions in the project which will go out to radio Maximum.

      The daily evening show, “Learn to hear” will become a symbol of continuity in the choice of the best quality new music as in one of the early programs of the radio station. In the new project may sound Oxxxymiron and collecting 8-thousandths of the capital’s halls, and a group of Young Adults, under whose covers put hundreds of likes and fans of RHCP.

      Along with co-presenter Alena Roshal Anton Lavrentiev will talk about new Russian music.

      “I am very pleased that the legendary radio “Max” invited me, the musician, to make this interesting author’s program. The previous two years, I’ve quite a lot around the world, the program “heads and Tails”, but even in the most distant countries heard that the new Russian music there is. It is on the Internet, YouTube, foreign film festivals and in the soundtracks of the movies, but it is almost there on the radio. Good music a lot, and for me the opportunity to create a new format of the evening radio show and to get acquainted with the young Russian musicians – certainly a gift. However, in a pair of our I – on the rights of the layman. But my co-host: Alena Roshal – she knows about the new Russian music all”, – said the Lavrentiev.

      Program Director of radio station Oleg Khlebnikov said that the idea of creating such a program arose from the needs of the audience. He says that now the main discoveries happen in the Internet, but due to the fact that there trying to promote too many songs, the audience is very difficult to sort through hundreds of tracks that appear almost every day. Khlebnikov sure that the radio in this case will be a kind of filter that can give you the best of what appears in Russian music.

      The premiere of the program “Learn to hear” will be held on Thursday 12 may at 22:00, and from that moment on, the show will be aired every day.

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