Anastasia Kostenko tried on a wedding dress

Анастасия Костенко примерила свадебное платье Model dressed in a wedding outfit. Anastasia Kostenko decided to show the way to marriage. The girl decided to disable comments for publication to avoid unnecessary discussions.
Анастасия Костенко примерила свадебное платье

Anastasia Kostenko decided to share with subscribers in the microblog a picture in which she is depicted in her wedding dress. The girl was photographed so that visible back in embroidered corset, full skirt, and a large bouquet of bright pink flowers. The girl’s hair laid sloppy hair, adorned with a barrette. Tarasov and Kostenko justified for happiness

The girl began to intrigue fans. She immediately said that the image she’s tried on only for photo shoot. In the hashtag Anastasia pointed out that this frame is nothing more than the working time. The model has disabled the ability to comment on its publication in the microblog. She probably wanted to protect themselves from the issues of inconsiderate users of the Network who could not to pay attention to the signature and start to congratulate her on the wedding.

Анастасия Костенко примерила свадебное платье

Recently, fans suspected that Anastasia Kostenko and Dmitry Tarasov has played a secret wedding. The statement said controversial video. The footage shows that the man is dressed in a classic black suit and a girl dressed in a white dress. They were driving in the car and sang a wedding song rapper Mota. However, it later emerged that the athlete and the model really went to the wedding, but only as guests.

Apparently, user comments “Instagram” nasty Anastasia Kostenko, and because it is recently often disables this function. Not so long ago, she posted a photograph on the beach with Tarasov during a romantic journey. Apparently, the picture was taken on a recent trip lovers in Dubai. Dmitry gently embracing her shoulders. 23-year-old model decided to speculate on a relationship between a man and a woman, and also focused on what drives people to discuss their friends and acquaintances.

“And before you criticize others, you must make sure that our hearts and intentions are pure. Not to mention the weather in the house. Only a miserable person would look into people’s Windows, as happy engaged in daily cleaning of my own!” the girl wrote on the Day of family, love and fidelity celebrated in Russia, the eighth of July.