Дочь Ивана Урганта недовольна своим телом The heiress showman admitted that she never liked her figure. According to 16-year-old Erica, she was gradually able to overcome themselves. The girl said: you have to love what we have and not strive for the parameters of thin models. Her words caused the approval of the subscribers.
Дочь Ивана Урганта недовольна своим телом

16-year-old daughter of the wife of Ivan Urganta Natalia Kiknadze Eric is studying visual art abroad. Girl has good taste and likes to take pictures. For her “Instagram” in black and white following nearly 30 thousand people. The other day the girl left Frank post, which admitted that she had problems with the perception of themselves.

Erica laid out a frame that was made for an advertising campaign “Believe in more”. The heiress showman posing in the picture in the bright tracksuit. In the legend the girl explained why she was so important to participate in this promotion.

“This project is really personal to me because I have throughout my life tried to accept my body the way it is. All I see on billboards and in TV shows is incredibly skinny girls. So many women and girls try to fit into certain standards of beauty, which, in fact, does not exist if you do them yourself you can imagine. I think we all forgot how to love ourselves, we are in a constant state of dissatisfaction with my body,” wrote Eric.

According to the daughter Urganta, every woman is easier to relate to their body and not to torture himself in training with the sole purpose to lose weight. Erica says sports in order to feel good, not lose weight. Followers supported the position of the girls.

“Well said!”, “Very cool!”, “I’m proud of you”, “Erica, you allow to believe in yourself and forget about any vile thoughts. Sometimes they could not afford to take advantage of our unique telephone And only then is it worth to switch on belief in your strength, physical and mental. Thank you for the wonderful intention to make us all better,” wrote in the comments on the page Erica.

16-year-old girl different from other children of celebrities. She does not boast the brand name things, but also tells details about the family.

“It is strange to see how they show off all their bags, yachts, expensive cars, jewelry. And the money is not theirs, and parents,” she wrote in the social network.