Alena Khmelnitskaya boasted idyllic new elect

Алена Хмельницкая похвасталась идиллией с новым избранником The star of cinema and theatre having a great time with her boyfriend – businessman Alexander by Shinyshiny. Beloved celebrity made her company on location in St. Petersburg. In his spare time enjoying the company of Khmelnitsky second half.
Алена Хмельницкая похвасталась идиллией с новым избранником

Recently actress Alena Khmelnytsky came to St. Petersburg. A woman takes part in the filming of a new project based on the work by Tatiana Ustinova. In my spare time celebrity prefer to walk around the city. The company Alena Khmelnytsky is her choice – businessman Alexander Sinusin. The lovers are all having a great time enjoying the sunshine, so rare in the cultural capital.

Khmelnytskyi in the microblog appeared a few shots taken during a romantic walk with the second half. In the first photo, which delighted the followers of the actress, her choice is captured back to the camera. Alyona added to publications such hashtags as “output” and “spend time with loved ones.”

Алена Хмельницкая похвасталась идиллией с новым избранником

After some time, the celebrity has posted another picture that pleased her fans. Touching the frame was made on the embankment of the Moika river. Sinusin and Khmelnytsky posed holding hands.

Social media users were delighted with the photos of the actress. “Beauty”, “So green”, “Even Peter I’m glad for you! Shines bright sun”, “Romance”, “Good boy! So be it. Wish you happiness and good”, “You are so cool,” – commented on them. And some subscribers Alena Khmelnytsky found that her other half resembles Vincent Cassel.

Recall that the first of the new chosen of the actress became known in October last year. Then the businessman Alexander Sinusin supported spouse at the premiere of the musical “Cinderella” which was shown at the theater “Russia”. During the conversation with journalists Alain said, introducing boyfriend to friends and relatives, but other details of personal life prefer not to disclose.

A few months later, Khmelnytsky admitted that he moved to Shinyshiny. However, the artist wouldn’t want to force things and make loud statements. As said Alain, her affair with the businessman developed gradually. Despite the different scope of activities lovers, they easy it was to find a common language with each other. According to star, their tastes match up with her boyfriend.

We also add that Alena Khmelnitskaya is the mother of two daughters – 22-year-old Alexandra and seven of Xenia. They were born in the marriage of the actress with the well-known Director Tigran Keosayan. The marriage of artists disbanded in 2014.