Мальчик, 10 лет пробывший в секс-рабстве, жил неподалеку от матери 19-year-old Andrew spent his childhood in the same room with the alleged rapist until he found law enforcement officers. Investigators say the suspect in the crime pleaded guilty.
Мальчик, 10 лет пробывший в секс-рабстве, жил неподалеку от матери

Yesterday in media there was news that struck the community. A resident of Moscow 10 years held in slavery small Andriy Pryimak in a communal apartment. According to law enforcement officials, Eduard Nikitin have made over it violent acts of sexual character. At the moment, with all the circumstances of the incident involved in an Investigative Committee.

With nine-year-old Eduard first met in July 2007. Information about how Nikitin closer to Priymak, contradictory and confusing. According to some sources, appeared in the press, a man is abused by in the Park 60 anniversary of October and then taken to his home.

However, according to another report, the boy left home, finding a common language with the cohabitant of the mother. Near a grocery store child met Nikitin. He began to help Andrew, and at some point offered to move in with him.

Мальчик, 10 лет пробывший в секс-рабстве, жил неподалеку от матери

About the mother of the child is unknown. Probably, the woman returned home. Whether so it, will find out the investigators. Correspondents source in law enforcement told the media that Andrew does not remember his parents. In addition, in the course of the interrogation Priymak said he was born on the territory of Ukraine. It is also reported that the young man, who is now nineteen years old, not in school, so it is hard for reads and writes. The victim handed over the guardianship.

On the official website it is written that the accused was arrested and admitted his guilt during interrogation. The man also testified on the circumstances of the crimes. The investigators find out information on relatives of Edward, who never worked and lived on pension of mother. In addition, appointed a number of forensic examinations.

According to some reports, detained a resident of Moscow was previously convicted. According to journalists, the man was accused of sexually assaulting several children – at least six. In the early 2000s, Edward spent a year and six months for indecent assault without violence against a minor.

Мальчик, 10 лет пробывший в секс-рабстве, жил неподалеку от матери

In the near future, Eduardo, Nikita, and Andriy Pryymak will undergo a psychiatric examination. Many Internet users and journalists do not understand why for so many years in the alleged sex-slavery, the boy never tried to escape or to attract the attention of neighbors. Those claiming that the didn’t even know about the existence of Andrew, say, Edward was a very private man and never talked.

It is also noteworthy that the house Nikitin is located across the street from where he lived Priymak with her mother.

“Yes, we’ve got walls in two bricks! At least a platoon of soldiers let me go and you won’t hear,” says one of the residents of the house located on ship street.

According to information that appeared in the press, the mother of the suspect Nikitin lived in the same communal apartment, where they were held by Pryjmak, and in the next room was inhabited by migrant workers. Female journalists report says that he was not aware of what is happening. Parent Nikitin believed that he was simply friends with the child.

In preparing the article used materials of REN TV, the First channel, RIA “Novosti”, “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and channel “360”.