Евгений Папунаишвили женился на итальянке Famous choreographer formalized the relationship with his girlfriend. Eugene papunaishvili and Salem were United together in marriage. She received a proposal of marriage in may this year in front of thousands of people.
Евгений Папунаишвили женился на итальянке

Eugene papunaishvili went to the registry office with his girlfriend, Salima. Famous choreographer shared in the microblog of the bright frame of the car. The man is dressed in classic costume, and the chest pocket is decorated with the elegant shawl. “A special day”, – has signed a frame Eugene, adding a smiley sweetheart.

In the comments to the picture users of the social network began to congratulate the choreographer with the wedding and wish him and his beloved to be happy. “Good luck,” “Congratulations” “don’t let me down,” wrote friends and colleagues of Eugene.

“StarHit” contacted Papunashvili. The choreographer did not begin to deny that today will be the nuptials, and promised later to give details of the holiday.

Eugene later posted a picture with wedding rings and talked about the emotions in microblog.

“This day will remember for a lifetime! We did it. Come together did. I am the happiest person!” wrote the man on his page in the social network.

Recall that the choreographer had proposed to his beloved on may 13 at the break of the match between the football clubs CSKA and “Arsenal”. Because the lovers are desperate fans, the man chose this place for an important mission. Eugene and Salem have attracted the attention of thousands of people gathered in the stands.

“I was very worried. And how cool was supported by the fans in the stadium. It is the emotions and memory of a lifetime,” said Eugene in the caption to the picture from the football field.

Papunaishvili meets Salima more than a year. The family of the dancer was well received, the foreigner. Close papunaishvili called her a very pleasant person. Mom and dad Eugene long dreamed of grandchildren, and the man himself has repeatedly hinted that thought about birth of a child. Salim, a native of Italy, she had to master the Russian language, but she understands not all the words. The pair always saw only advantages, since it was difficult for them to swear, not understanding the speech of another. Eugene papunaishvili overcomes himself in communion with the beloved

“It’s so good that close to the Italians. Jack loves pasta, we often eat in the restaurant. And when we stay home, I cook him his favorite dish… I am very happy and very proud of him as a man. Know what work for him is not just a job but a passion. So I’m happy for him. I met his parents, they are wonderful people,” she admitted in one of the television broadcasts.