Anastasia is furious at cruel hoax driver

Анастасия Волочкова в ярости от жестокого обмана водителя Dancer accuses former aide of theft. Says Anastasia Volochkova, Alexander was regularly lied to her, and appropriated considerable sums. In addition, according to the artist, the man hocus her soporific drug.
Анастасия Волочкова в ярости от жестокого обмана водителя

Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova outraged by the behavior of a former employee. The actress claims that 41-year-old Alexander, who was sitting behind the wheel of her luxurious Maybach, cruelly deceived his employer. So, one day the man told Anastasia that he needed money for his mother’s funeral. Celebrity decided to help the driver and gave him the funds set aside for the salary of the creative team. However, after some time, Volochkova was able to find out what is really the parent of its employees alive and healthy.

The ballerina did not even know that Alexander is capable of such sophisticated deception. At first, he made the star a good impression. However, over time, Anastasia was disappointed in his employee.

“I came yesterday the driver, which allegedly was said to Sasha, he served in Chechnya. And it turns out that nowhere Alexander served! This man I trusted to get money for my performances and take them to the Bank. It turned out that Sasha had taken them for himself. He stole money from me, millions!” – outraged the actress.

According to Volochkova, she received complaints from friends. Those told the star that the driver is not dovozili to them gifts. “Small things, say, for the New year, but still unpleasant,” notes celebrity.

In addition, Alexander, according to the artist, could easily put some money in his pocket, speaking her confidant in financial matters. Once Anastasia was sent to the driver for sponsorship. The man had to the amount of 300 thousand, but brought the star only 250 thousand rubles. During the conversation Volochkova with her employee stated that the partner just decided to save. Only after a while the dancer found out that Alexander had deceived her.

But this, said Volochkova, her driver did not stop. The actress said that the man hocus her soporific drug.

“I told the taxi driver, who has worked under the baton of Alexander. He admitted that at times spiked my tea some pills. I didn’t see it, but I felt very bad and couldn’t understand why,” – says Anastasia.

In addition to the large amounts Volochkova almost lost luxury foreign cars. According to the artist, he allegedly appropriated the title for her “Maybach”. “I wanted to make a power of attorney for the sale of the car and lay her!” exclaims the ballerina. In addition, Alexander, as stated by a celebrity, is constantly ignored technical inspections and violated the rules of the road. As a result, men have accumulated fines on tens of thousands of rubles.

Himself a former employee of the star denies the allegations against him. According to the man, he doesn’t understand what’s going on. According to Alexander, he was fired due to the fact that he had not fulfilled his duties. “God forbid Nastia health. She so decided. Well done. I for my part fully in the report for their actions”, – said the former assistant to celebrity “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, adding that he does not know about any missing amounts involved.