Sergey Lazarev about his son: “I will kill”

Сергей Лазарев о сыне: «Я за него удавлю» The singer gave a Frank interview, touching on an extremely important topic for him. Sergey Lazarev told the presenter Sergey Mayorov on how growing his successor Nikita, and the reasons why the artist prefers to hide the child from the public.

The singer Sergey Lazarev is one of those celebrities that try to carefully guard his personal life from public attention. In December last year it became known that the artist brings a charming two-year-old heir to Nikita. After some time he began to share baby photos on social networks. However, the photographs that appear in the microblog Lazareva, can not see the face of his heir.

Recently, the music star decided to have a Frank conversation about your child. The actor has told about it on air of the program of Sergey Mayorov “One day…” which will be released on Saturday on NTV. In the Internet appeared the video transfer, which included short snippets from an interview with the artist. Sergey Lazarev openly talk about why he prefers to hide him, and will share how it grows! Apparently, the singer loves his son and is ready for him at all.

“I don’t want it touched my child, any negativity. I have him strangled,” said the artist.

Filming took place in Germany. Strolling through the Sunny streets of Berlin, he also decided to touch upon other topics, it is extremely important to him. The contractor told the presenter Sergey Mayorov on difficult moments in their lives. Lazarev thought about the participation in the international competition “Eurovision”, has told about the reasons for the collapse of the group Smash!!, and for the first time spoke about the relationship with the woman who means everything to him.

In addition, during the conversation with the host of the program Sergey decided to share how I survived the death of loved ones – father and older brother.

“Everything you see on TV, everything you see in all sorts of social networks, is the 10% of life or less. The viewer need never know of your experiences. I the day after the funeral of his brother played a Comedy show. Comedy show, where we bury our brother. Fun, laughter, coffin on stage,” – said Lazarev.

We will add that earlier the artist had published an address to the public, which asked to be respectful to his family and friends. “The life of a public man is always seen under a magnifying glass, causing a lot of talk, rumors, discussion, often negative emotions and even adult and experienced people this attention is a complex challenge, not to mention a small child”, – shared Sergey. In his publication Lazarev also confirmed that is the happy father of a nice son. According to the artist, he is sincerely glad of this fact.