The secret wedding of Laetitia Casta caused a discussion in the Network

Тайная свадьба Летиции Касты вызвала обсуждения в Сети Journalists report that the actress and supermodel has legalized relationship with her lover. Spouse Laetitia Casta was the star of the movie ‘Dreamers’ Louis Garrel, with whom Belle had met for about three years. At a modest ceremony attended by only the relatives and friends of the couple.
Тайная свадьба Летиции Касты вызвала обсуждения в Сети

Foreign journalists reported that 39-year-old model and actress Laetitia Casta legalized relationship with the chosen one – a 34-year-old actor Louis Garrel, star of the movie “the Dreamers”. According to representatives of the media, a modest ceremony was held June 10 on the beach of Lumio Corsica. By the way, this place is Leticia spent their childhood years, and then, often came there to relax.

Caste and Garrel tried to hide details of the upcoming festivities from the public. The wedding was attended by only the closest friends and relatives lovers. Despite the fact that the ceremony took place in the utmost secrecy, one of the tabloid correspondents still managed to make the happy newlyweds. The photo that appeared on the cover of the publication, Letitia and Louis look very happy. The photographer captured the moment when the groom carries his mate on his hands.

Тайная свадьба Летиции Касты вызвала обсуждения в Сети

According to Western correspondents, the pair was invited to the ceremony about forty people. Among those who congratulated the newlyweds, was the mayor Lumio étienne Sacconi. Honorary guests of the event were the charming children of the French model – 15-year-old Satin, 10-year-old Orlando and 7-year-old Athena. Apparently, the heirs of Letitia became friends with her new lover and approve of the choice of the mother.

Note that the artists for the first time entered into a formal marriage. Before you decide to wedding, Laetitia and Louis were Dating for about three years. Lovers consider to be one of the most beautiful couple of French cinema.

For the first time about the affair of Caste and Garrel has become known in 2015. Then the paparazzi managed to capture celebrities spend their time with each other. Journalists reported that the stars walked through the streets of Paris and did not hide their feelings. “She landed at the airport Saturday, and Louis immediately rushed to her,” the insider shared with reporters.

We also add that on Wednesday, June 14, elect Laetitia Casta celebrates its birthday. Apparently, Louis Garrel do not mind the age difference with the girl. In the past, the conqueror of female hearts was in a relationship with her sister Carla Bruni Valeria, she was a senior artist for 17 years. The lovers adopted a girl named céline, who was born in Senegal. Despite the fact that Louis and Valeria decided to part, they retained friendly relations with each other. “All are satisfied” – shared with journalists anonymous source from the environment of Garrel and Bruni.