Anastasia Denisova met birthday in a wedding dress

Анастасия Денисова встретила день рождения в свадебном платье
The actress revealed details of a fun party.

Anastasia Denisova

Anastasia Denisova has celebrated his 32nd birthday in
the dress is very similar to the bride’s attire. However, the actress immediately noted that
this Princess dress. It is in the style of the fairy Kingdom star decided
to celebrate the real magic that happened to her in real life — triple
holiday: my birthday, the birthday of his mom and the wedding anniversary (17
may 2016 Anastasia married the cameraman Bogdan Osyka).

“I am the most happy, — said Denisov. — Holiday
turned out to be exactly how I dreamed it would be and even better! The idea of my image was born
just a day before the celebration, thanks to this magical dress! Looking
at yourself in the mirror in the dressing room, I immediately came up with all the details of the celebration. Each
girl wants to be a Princess and sing like a beloved Troubadour and I
of course, no exception! The party called: “Trubadurzy in the pub”.
Played on contrasts: sheer pink mimimi brutal, masculine interior! Before
the welcome we walked around red Square, kissing in Gum, whirled to
Okhotny Ryad, and passers-by smiling at us in response and wished good luck! It was
truly a fairy tale! What’s a Princess without a crown? Well, today our
the feast continued. By car we drove from Saint Petersburg. Finally I
will show the city to her husband! Be sure to look at Peterhof. To my shame, I no
once there was not yet”.