Ksenia Borodina and Daria Pynzar lit at the party in gorgeous gowns

Ксения Бородина и Дарья Пынзарь зажгли на вечеринке в роскошных платьях Socialite lost on the noisy crowd. Ksenia Borodina and Daria Pynzar went to warmer climes to celebrate the unveiling of the beauty of their girlfriends. At the event, women shone in elegant dresses and expensive jewelry.

Leading “House-2” Ksenia Borodina has long been known for its love of parties. Her fans believe that without beauty there is no major event. Despite a busy work schedule and raising two children, a celebrity really finds time for social events. Recently, in the company of her husband and ex-member of telestroke Darya Pynzar –businesswoman flew to the Krasnodar region, to attend the next get-together.

For celebration the two women picked up in elegant bows. Xenia chose a green dress to the floor, and her friend chose to wear purple. Beauty willingly shared photos from the event in microblogs, featuring Luke. It turned out that their appearance, they conquered not only other guests, but also users of the social network. Followers were delighted with the score, and hastened to tell about it in the comments.

“Girls! You are beautiful! The best!”, “How fascinating!”, “And the pieces Shine! Love it!”, “You so rarely together. Let us often meet together! A pleasure to watch this Duo!”, “And she is quite the beauty! Before was fine, but now the eyes are not enough.” – I wrote to subscribers of celebrities.

Some fans Borodina and Pynzar began to compare them and tried to figure out whose way is best. In the end, many agreed that both socialite good. By the way, in addition to images with a friend, she published the picture, which captures a number of favorite. However, she admitted that her husband does not approve of a too-deep neckline of her dress. In the photo he carefully covers the chest of his wife with his palm. “When you have a husband Dagestan”, – joked the presenter in the post.

Probably Pynzar went to the party without her spouse Sergey. For the evening, her Instagram was not a single photo with the chosen one. However, a couple of the already often published together. Recently, they loudly said copper wedding at the karaoke bar. Where young people famously danced and sang almost the whole night, what did not forget to tell your followers. Recall that the lovers for many years and are considered one of the strongest pairs of domestic show-business. And their personal life are the subject of interest of tens of thousands of fans. Daria Pynzar lost her husband in a karaoke bar

However, the marriage of Ksenia Borodina it’s safe to say the same thing. Despite the recent disorders with the chosen one, the woman managed to maintain a close-knit family. Now the couple try to warm up their feelings to each other with the help of bright emotions and leisure. For example, recently in the microblog TV presenter husband there is a touching picture in which the lovers are captured at the time of Cycling. Husband Ksenia Borodina gave her a gift in a million