Polina Gagarina wants to sleep

Полина Гагарина мечтает выспаться
The singer juggles work and child care.

Полина Гагарина мечтает выспаться

Polina Gagarina

Photo: Instagram Polina Gagarina

Polina Gagarina on a walk with her daughter MIA

Photo: Instagram Polina Gagarina

The concept of “maternity leave” is not for modern women and it is
definitely does not apply to Polina Gagarina, which at the end of April again became
mom. The singer gave birth to daughter MIA. The break associated with the birth of a baby, was
minimal. Gagarin returned to rehearsals and touring. Work
Pauline skillfully combine work with care for the baby, as the husband Dmitry Iskhakov and son
Andrew allow her to leave home on business. However, to restore
gloss, Gagarina little time…

Today the singer had to leave the daughter to
to get to the rehearsal prize RU.TV where Polina will perform your
new hit single “No More Drama”. Gagarin was a little poironizirovat over what
she went to work.

“Everyday breastfeeding working moms. Ran out of the house with
a wet head, so the effect you see in the photo. Glasses, because in the eyes of “match”!
Night is not for sleep! Well, the neckline on the dress I delicately closed, so as not to embarrass
my dear subscribers,” admitted Gagarin.

However, on the day of the award ceremony Polina would look without
doubt, luxurious. She and her husband and son has been released after two weeks
after the birth of MIA. To address Gagarina then there were a lot of compliments. Indeed,
Polina looks great.