An unknown woman tried to embroil pregnant Stotsky husband

Незнакомая женщина пыталась поссорить беременную Стоцкую с мужем
Singer Anastasia Stotskaya will soon give my husband a child.

Незнакомая женщина пыталась поссорить беременную Стоцкую с мужем

But as it turned out, an unknown woman tried to make were given to the family of the singer.

She wrote to her husband of Anastasia, a different way of humiliating his wife.

Soon the star herself found out about it and hurried to go to the envious through the social network.

“Well, I am… it Turns out that some “bird’s tail” of the guys who signed me periodically communicates to my husband, in what position and as I stood up, expressing it in his ugly and perverted way. I want to appeal to all doubtful persons, to unsubscribe, do not write nasty comments and try not to make a rift in my family! Because it can be done! And for you guys, a new series of photos…

And please, you are my caring, I do not see any symbolism and fatalism in black wings and something else… If you are bad, painful and hard – go to a psychiatrist or priorites in the woods. But I do not need, pregnant woman, mother, to give instructions and try to quarrel with my family, telling what I’m bad or good, what to keep or not to keep the stomach what color to dye your hair, etc., We do understand – adults. We are all well. In the end, sort it out in their families,” wrote Stotsky.

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