Ksenia Sobchak requires personal waiter

Ксения Собчак требует личного официанта
The network got the rider of the presenter.

With the birth of the son of Plato the life of Ksenia Sobchak has changed
dramatically. The same can be said about it Ryder. Concert organizers
are terrified, because the wish list is TV presenter now consists of points, the performance of which will cost at least 250 thousand rubles.

If other artists humbly request a separate dressing room, water and fruit, today’s queries Sobchak — Hollywood swing! 35-year-old Ksenia, invited presenter, requires
incredible special service. In
the list of binding requests Xenia: mobile baby with a diaper directly on the site
expensive dishes of the best restaurants of Moscow (rolls with hummus and Turkey
prepared by sophisticated technology, sous-vide), a certain color and temperature
devices and the necessity of arrival of individual personnel and stylists in the dressing room
long before the arrival of the star itself.

Already announced the list
the leading awards ceremony of the TV channel “Muz-TV” and
Ksenia Sobchak is one of them. But the organizers are not happy about such
terms of TV stars. They hope that She will change rider, and her services will cost them at least a little cheaper.

Recall, Ksenia Sobchak, and with great trepidation relates to their
family. Presenter inspires the household to sports achievements. First Xenia
accustomed to a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise husband, actor Maxim
Vitorgan, who previously avoided the gym side. And now the sport has appeared
and in the life of their four-month-old son of Plato. The baby has already started to learn to swim. On
workout “Dolphin” Plato carries dad, because mom is too
worried and stopping the coach, wanting to support his son in the water.