Hairy armpits daughter Madonna shocked the public

Волосатые подмышки дочери Мадонны потрясли общественность Lourdes Leon was shocked users of the Network. Recently, the media has pictures of the girls lying on the beach. Correspondents of the Western tabloids say that the daughter of the famous actress followed in the footsteps of the mother. Lourdes, like Madonna, is a supporter of natural beauty.

      Волосатые подмышки дочери Мадонны потрясли общественность

      Recently, the paparazzi managed to shoot 20-year-old Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon at a beach in Miami. Seeing the photographers, the girl frowned and pulled a face. At the same time, a mysterious young man with whom Lourdes is caught regularly in recent times, on the contrary, waved to the reporters hand. Western tabloids believe that the celebrity heiress had an affair with a mysterious blonde. Lourdes itself has not commented on the events of his personal life, preferring to hide it from the public.

      Couple caught in the lens of photographers, behaved very relaxed. The young people looked very happy. Apparently, the boyfriend of Lourdes is crazy about her and accepts the girl for who she is. It’s possible that the guy shared the belief of his lady – radical feminists, which, as noted by the paparazzi, has decided to abandon the hair removal. Being on the beach, Lourdes demonstrated unshaven armpits.

      Волосатые подмышки дочери Мадонны потрясли общественность

      Note that Madonna is a supporter of natural beauty. The celebrity has repeatedly said that women need equal rights with men. So, at the ceremony of awards of the American Billboard magazine, the artist said the high-pitched speech in which he spoke in detail about sex discrimination and about what are regularly forced to face the fairer sex.

      “There are no rules, if you’re a man. If you’re a girl, you should play the game. What is this game? You have the right to be cute, sweet and sexy, but not show others your mind. Otherwise you will be accused of agentconnect and trying to play on the men’s field,” said Madonna.

      Saying Madonna caused a heated public debate. Among those who supported the artist was Lady Gaga. “You are so brave and strong. Thank you for being available for us, girls, we need it,” wrote the outrageous singer in his microblog.

      Recall that Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon was born in October 1996. The girl’s father was Cuban fitness trainer and aspiring actor Carlos Leon. A few months after the birth of Lourdes, her parents decided to leave. For the upbringing of the baby came from her famous mother.

      Like many other children of celebrities, the heiress of the Madonna was born to the attention of the public. Last year Lourdes starred in the first advertising campaign: the girl became the face of the new fragrance designer Stella McCartney. Besides her, the vivid images that appeared in the media, was captured by the singer Grimes, model and daughter of Nastassja Kinski Kenya, as well as the star of the movie “the Hunger games” Amandla Stenberg.