Alsu with her husband accept congratulations

Алсу с мужем принимают поздравления
The beloved singer congratulated on this important event.

Alsu and Yan Abramov

Photo: @alsou_a (Instagram Alsu)

Alsou and her husband Yan Abramov celebrate today steel wedding. From the day of the wedding singer with businessman held for 11 years. In honor of the momentous family events the singer has published in social networks a memorable photo from the wedding. Royal wedding swing Alsu is still one of the most luxurious in history. In the organized celebration walked all the capital’s Beau Monde, and gifts to the newlyweds after the party were taken by vans.

Colleagues and admirers of Alsu congratulated her on the anniversary and wished them boundless love and happiness in marriage. For joint life at Lil Wayne and Jan were born three children: two daughters — Safina and Mikella and born in August last year the son of Rafael.

Incidentally, the singer frankly admits that when he first saw Yana even never thought of what it will link their fate. “I usually other clothing — jeans, hats, sneakers. I was sure that this strict-looking man and will communicate the same officially. But after the first spoken phrases realized that was wrong. With him it was so interesting and easy to talk to! I felt great erudition and education, and humor. Ian is completely devoid of posturing, cheap “show-off” who annoy me in some young people. And as he plays the piano! Despite the fact that the self-taught or not know a single note by ear can pick up any melody…” — praises wife Alsou.

Not so long ago, by the way, the singer with a young son returned to Russia. Shortly before the third confinement Alsu fled the country, so her maternity leave was in the States. The fans hope that the singer will soon unveil a little of Raphael, since in social networks still do not have any photos of the baby.