Maxim Fadeev cannot come to terms with the death of her father

Максим Фадеев не может смириться со смертью отца Well-known producer lost a loved one exactly one year ago. Maxim Fadeev admitted that time has not yet been able to heal the wounds, and he can still feel the unbearable pain of bereavement. “If the bullet sits in the heart”, – shared his emotions the musician.

      Musician and producer Maxim Fadeev has published in the microblog poignant post dedicated to the memory of his father, the honored worker of culture Alexander Fadeev.

      The famous actor admitted that for the past year since leaving his native people, he was not relieved. Maxim Fadeev still feels the pain of loss, comparing it with the bullet piercing his heart. The producer made a selection of the brightest and most touching pictures of the father, putting her on the well-known melody Аdagio for strings Italian composer of the Baroque Tomaso Albinoni.

      “I can’t tell you how I feel. It is a year today since my father is near. And it’s just unbearable. I swear to you, if the bullet sits in the heart of the all. I am terribly worried about him. As it is there where he is, how he feels… I’m just desperate sometimes. Not getting any easier. No. I love you my angel. Travel with God in the heart. And I will always remember you,” written by Maxim Fadeev.

      Piercing lines and the video is not indifferent to the followers of a celebrity. Under the post Fadeeva left hundreds of comments with words of support and sympathy. The first said those fans of creativity of the musician who went through the care of parents.

      “Max, sorry for your loss… the pain will pass, just over the years, accept this fact. In memory of”, “So understand your thoughts and feelings. Four years so the bullet sits. You just learn to live with it. But I believe that there is good!”, “Maxim, well you know. Exactly a year ago and my dad left us. One year ago today, but for me it is just like in another city lives, and we just don’t see. Can’t still accept that it is not. Give a memorial service for her father, if you have the opportunity. This is the only thing we can do to help them,” he responded to the recognition of Maxim Fadeev his subscribers.

      Recall the well-known producer lost my father on March 18, 2016. He reported the tragedy. “Today passed away my father. My life will never be the same” – wrote on his page on “Instagrame” Maxim Fadeev exactly a year ago. Maxim Fadeev lost father

      Alexander for Maxim was the closest person, who not only gave him life but also influenced his fate, sending of the son in the creative direction.