Pregnant Amanda Seyfried has played a secret wedding

Беременная Аманда Сейфрид сыграла тайную свадьбу
“Red riding hood” decided to do without the crowded ceremony.

Amanda Seyfried and Thomas of Sadoski


31-year-old actress surprised her fans. The fact that none of them
did not even know that Amanda Seyfried, who soon should give birth your
the firstborn, a week ago became a married lady! However, the ceremony
were so carefully classified that did not know about it even many friends

The news of the marriage spread Seyfried after her
the newly made husband, 40-year-old actor Thomas’s Sadoski announced about this during the show,
the leading of which was James Corden. James, who have not seen Thomas,
decided very late to congratulate him on his engagement. And then Sadoski,
expressive twisting the ring on the ring finger noticed that, actually
Amanda no longer his bride, and the wife! “Yes, we got married last weekend!” — announced
Thomas is stunned by unexpected news Korden. “We just moved to a rural
the area, taking with him only one person having the right to marry…
And after we spent a wonderful day together. It was just a perfect wedding!” —
told Sadoski. However, the marriage ceremony is still present
one “guest” — a favorite dog Seyfried named Finn.

The novel Amanda and Thomas developed rapidly. Formally, they
met two years, when both played in unarodnom theatre. But their romance
only began a year later when they met again, this time in the film
“The last word”: they started Dating in may of 2015. And in September of that
the same year, formally announced their engagement. And just a month later it became known
Amanda is expecting a baby. The firstborn of the actress should appear on the light in the
soon. Actress, belly which is very large, admitted recently that a little
tired from pregnancy and can’t wait for when her child will be born.