Алсу ответила на самый популярный вопрос о своем сыне
The singer took part in a new flashmob.

Photo: Instagram

Son of singer Alsu and businessman Jan Abramov less than a month will be 2 years, but no one but the closest, still not seen his face. Moreover, the star did not show even the youngest child back, sideways, was not revealed to the world his leg or arm like normally Alsu colleagues on show-to business.

With the older daughters, by the way, the singer has done just as well. Up to a certain point popular singer talked a lot about daughters, their education, but does not lead to Safin Michelle “in the light”. Now the girls are 11 and 10 years respectively, they are already large, and Alsu quietly shares their photos in a personal blog, they go with her to social events and removed for glossy magazines. One of the last pictures the singer posted on the day of the family. However, the photo is clearly not enough of Raphael.

As soon as the popular social network introduced a new feature “ask me a question,” Alsu were flooded with messages: “When you show off?” The singer could not ignore them and give a detailed response to the fans:

“This is probably the most asked question to me. Will post the picture of my son when he will understand what Instagram and he asked! Not before!”

So wait the fans have not less than two to three years. This position Alsu shared and daughters. She said she will present them to the public when they want it. For the first time the singer came out with them “in the light”, when Safin was 7 and Michelle — 5.