4-летняя дочь Тимати сделала первую татуировку
Alice has delighted fans with a new image.

Photo: Instagram

Love to body drawings seem to be inherited. Daughter of rapper Timati only 4 years old, and the girl has longed to adorn themselves with tattoos. Of course, the parents and the girl’s grandmother Simone, who is engaged in her education, was not going to make a real tattoo, they allowed Alice to make a temporary face painting. More precisely, it’s not even a picture, and transferable tattoo freckles, which this summer became fashionable in children and adolescents. It’s funny, ten years ago girls wanted to remove the freckles from their faces, and now seek, on the contrary, to get a scattering of specks on the nose.

“Dear experts casting! Attention! Found a girl for the role of Pippi Longstocking! Summary Directors send to…” — published in a personal blog post and comic Simona showed some photos of Alice with tattoo freckles.

Fans of grandmother and granddaughter agreed with Simone, daughter of Timothy perfect for the role of heroine of Astrid Lindgren’s books. And, if “filmmakers” are preparing a project about Pippi, most of them clearly do not need to search for the leading lady.

By the way, though Alice is a child of the very popular parents, she is absolutely not spoiled. However, Timothy, as a normal loving father, loves to give her daughter a gorgeous gift. For example, he recently gave his 4-year-old daughter a diamond ring. The singer admitted that the decoration had to fit, and he asked Alice to give to wear the decoration of her mom, Madelaine Shishkova, if she wants.

Many fans of Timothy concluded that the ring was originally meant for his lover, model Anastasia Reshetova: recently there have been rumors that the lovers are parted. However, Anastasia later denied this information. However, in the main members noted that the rapper — exemplary father, “What a man, Timur, You are a worthy man, Your girl will always be under Your protection, and should grow girl”, “This hammer!”, “How touching”, “Boooooyyyy how it milooooo, direct tears of joy welling. You become so sentimental. Well done Dad — Timur”, “Timur so good. In this rhythm constantly worry about her daughter. PTS look nice”, “Warm relationship between father and daughter, it’s nice to look! Health and happiness to your family!” “Gorgeous example!”