Alsou has intrigued fans statement

Алсу заинтриговала поклонников заявлением
The singer is preparing for a spectacular return to the stage.


Photo: @alsou_a (Instagram Alsu)

The long-awaited son Alsu — Rafael soon will be one year, and she still has not made any official publication. A large singer continues maternity leave: it is ignoring all the social events and comes out to the stage. But soon, the actress promises that the situation will change.

Alsou is preparing to return to the stage. And, judging by the statements of the singer, the fans are soon in for a great surprise. The singer blurted out during the greeting “MUZ-TV” on the anniversary.

“For my part, I solemnly promise next year to please something new and unexpected! Yay! See you at the Awards next year!” — said Alsu.

By the way, the event it involves a lot of pleasant memories. Exactly 15 years ago, Lil Wayne had his first coveted “plate” becoming the “Singer of the year”. For her it was the beginning of a very important stage in life.