SOON “KINOTAVR – 2017” LIVE: Yulia Peresild working seven days a week

СКОРО «КИНОТАВР – 2017» В ПРЯМОМ ЭФИРЕ: Юлия Пересильд работает без выходных
At 17.40 will begin live coverage from Sochi.

Yulia Peresild

Photo: Philip Goncharov

weekends and Russia Day, which falls on a Monday, members of the jury
competitive program of “Kinotavr” all work and no play. Yulia Peresild,
also, conducted daily in the cinema a few hours. Together with Yevgeny Mironov it already
looked a competitive three paintings of the 14 stated.

Today at 18
hours Winter theatre will host a screening of Vitaly Suslin “Head. Two ears”. We start
online broadcast 20 minutes before the session to tell you the most interesting
news of the Sochi festival and mingle with the stars of “Kinotavr”. Don’t miss out!