Alla Pugacheva worried about the fate of the heir

Алла Пугачева переживает за судьбу наследника Diva has shared in the microblog new frame with his son Harry. In the picture the boy is in a white towel and looks up. Alla rarely pleases its subscribers with photos of children, so the followers were delighted to have met her post in Instagram.

      Children of Alla Pugacheva cause tenderness and delight of thousands of fans of the famous singer. Lisa and Harry, which in autumn it will be three years, grow a talented and intelligent children. According to subscribers microblog Diva, they are very similar to their stellar parents. The pop star and her husband Maxim Galkin often show video clips of twins.

      For a long time, Pugachev, who is with the children in Jurmala, showed pictures of Harry and Lisa. But on Monday she decided to please fans with a new frame with the heir. In the photo the boy, wrapped in a towel, looks up. In the dim room light beautifully highlights his facial features and the curls that he had inherited the genes from his father. “Save it, destiny, from evil human,” the singer signed photo with Harry.

      This summer Alla Pugacheva together with children and their nanny spends in Jurmala. Star family rented one of the luxury homes in the Baltic States. “Pugacheva has rented a Villa “Marta” is one of the most expensive in the city mansions, – told “StarHit” a local realtor Michael Ramanauskas. – The residence has everything you need for relaxation: swimming pool, tennis courts that can be transformed into a concert hall, sauna, library, cinema room, a winter garden, a Conservatory with a bamboo grove”. To ensure the safety of the prima Donna hired five security guards. Security does not allow outsiders to encroach on the territory of the mansion, thereby saving privacy semi Pugacheva from prying eyes. According to some, such services are not cheap. The work of security guards for the entire summer period is estimated to be worth 3 million rubles. Pugacheva and Galkin have surprised the inhabitants of Jurmala shopping

      Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin are trying in no way to deny to their children. According to the father of the twins, after the appearance of Lisa and Harry their lives have changed.

      “I am very attached to the children. It happened to me once. For me it is a miracle from the moment of their birth. And I never treated them as property. For me it’s independent personality, I am the first months treat them with incredible respect. With respect to their opinion, their worldview. It is an ongoing delight from the very fact of their existence in your life,” said the showman in an interview.

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