Наталья Андрейченко не может простить сына Russian actress needs to return the money that the heir was removed from her Bank accounts in Switzerland. According to some, amounted to about a million dollars. The young man had spent these funds for the development of the restaurant business, but his business burned.

      Наталья Андрейченко не может простить сына

      About a year ago, the son of Natalia Andreichenko from Maxim Dunaevsky Dmitry emptied the Bank account of the mother for a million dollars. The money the young people invested in the development of the restaurant business. After learning about the disappearance of large sums, the actress appealed to the Swiss Federal police with a statement on their own heir. She accused Dmitry in the forgery of her signature.

      The outcome of the trial, which lasted for years, disappointed Andreichenko your results. According to the results of financial audit in the Bank, where Dmitry, no violations were found. The young man did not forge the signature. Court verdict: the crime structure in actions of the son is not Natalie. The indignant mother appealed, so the case was transferred to the jurisdiction of civil law.

      According to father Dmitry, the composer Maxim Dunayevsky, in this whole situation Natalia acted imprudently, did not calculate all the risks. So far, the wife can not forgive son.

      “Natasha’s still upset with him. I understand her emotions. Humanly feel sorry for her. We sat with her and discussed the story and we cried together. I stroked her on the head. Really irretrievably losing all their savings and help her to wait not from who. A great insult. But it will pass,” said Dunayevsky.

      The father, 33-year-old young man condemned the decision of Natalia to appeal the court’s decision. According to him, relatives make up, and such actions Andreichenko only continues the persecution of Dmitry. Moreover, the probability that an appeal of the actress approved, very low. “This act does not receive the opinion at mit. I advised her to meet with his son and to shake hands, kiss. Still, they are the closest people: mother and son”, – Maxim has told to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

      Recall that the last time Natalia lives in Mexico on the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. According to her, she is charged with the energy of the cosmos and does yoga. In addition, there Andreichenko opened its own spiritual center, which teaches classes on meditation, philosophy and a healthy lifestyle. Natalya Andreychenko is building a spiritual center in Hawaii

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