Ксения Собчак перестала скрывать округлившийся животик In his leading a new heartwarming photos. Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan expecting first child. Previously, the star tried to select these camera angles for the photo to her pregnancy was invisible.

      A little over a month ago, fans of Ksenia Sobchak found out that the star is in an interesting position. The pregnant TV presenter was the main topic for discussion among the Russian elite. However, on his page in Instagram Ksenia chose not to advertise the fact that she is expecting a baby.

      So far Sobchak tried to publish only those photographs which are not very noticeable that she’s pregnant. The star chose the appropriate angles, were covered with bags and posed only in oversized clothes. However, the most recent photo of the presenter on Instagram has caused her fans a lot of positive emotions. Finally she stopped to hide noticeably rounded tummy and showed his interesting position.

      “She just blossomed,” “Ksyushenka, not hide, and is not necessary”, “You’re so lucky, I am sincerely happy for you”, “Xenia, you are irresistible, and tummy you paint it”, “don’t hide! You look very good in pregnancy”, “Now you can see that she is pregnant”, “Congratulations! Beauty”, “Health of mother and baby, the belly is visible, not hiding hand”, – commented on the photo Sobchak fans.

      Recall that the TV presenter together with the father of the unborn child Maxim Vitorgan more than three years. The stars got married in February 2013. The actor has a daughter Pauline and son Daniel from actress Victoria Weerberg.

      Maxim Vitorgan assessed their adult children

      I wonder what a numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva calculated life code of celebrities and told to “StarHit” what Xenia to expect from the first pregnancy.

      “Ksenia will be impatient mom. This is evidenced by her vital code – 268 167. It is therefore very desirable that the mother star Lyudmila Narusova, took an active part in the upbringing of the heir. This woman is just enough for this patience, wisdom and flexibility – Narusova is a chic grandmother. But despite the fact that Ksenia prone to mood swings, she’s sensitive and gentle nature. And will make a great mother – celebrity in code pronounced line of the family. Ksenia is very much in love with your firstborn – she’s not one of those mothers who a week after giving birth leave offspring for nurses. But the aid of governesses, she will still need this autumn will be not the best period in the life of a star, it will be lack of strength and energy”, – said the expert.

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