Alla Pugacheva visited the poetess Karina Philippi

Алла Пугачева навестила поэтессу Карину Филиппову An elderly woman bedridden. Alla Pugacheva, who performed two songs on poems by Karina Philippi, do not forget the master of words, which this year will be 83 years old. Because of diabetes Karina she lost both legs and was partially blind.
Алла Пугачева навестила поэтессу Карину Филиппову

Fans of Alla Pugacheva once again were able to see how much the singer of warmth, kindness, and compassion for the people who knew her aspiring artist.

May 9, Diva visited the famous poetess Karina Philippi to congratulate her with the Victory Day. An elderly woman in July will be 83 years old, for several years, bedridden. The fact is that Karina S. has diabetes. Because of the terrible disease poet lost both legs and was partially blind. Supports beloved wife spouse Karina Philippi, renowned artist Boris Diodorov, who not long ago suffered a stroke.

Not to forget an elderly couple, their loyal friends, including Alla Pugacheva. Alla visited Christina Philippi in company with actor Stas Sadalsky. He placed the Diva sitting beside the bed where lies a poet. Sadalsky also conducted a live broadcast from the apartment of Philippi and Dodonova, talking about all the details of the visit of Alla Pugacheva at a friends house. Apparently, the conversation of the singer and poet is very sincere and soulful. Members of Stas Sadalsky said that after this visit to the home weakened a disease of the poet, they opened a new Alla Pugacheva.

“Karina Filippova – man kissed by God! Health! Many years!”, “My God, she glows with goodness and purity! Such a rarity in our time”, “Beauty – it is life! How beautiful!” “Stas, thanks for showing people on the other hand”, “happy holiday! Peaceful sky over head,” “Alla, how nice to see you in this situation. You opened for me a whole new way!” – write fans.

It is worth noting that poetry Karina Philippi written songs that were performed in Soviet times, Claudia Shulzhenko, Lyudmila Zykina and Alla Pugacheva, Joseph Kobzon.

Stas Sadalsky, apparently, is most likely to happen in the house Karina Philippi and her husband Boris Diodorova. The actor has long admired the relationship that a pair. This picture appeared in his “Live journal” in February of last year.

“Every night they fall asleep holding hands and Wake up the same way – hand in hand. They are always there and always smiling – two perfectly happy 82-year-old man, two of the blessed, or not say, because there is nothing to rejoice. Boris recently undergone a stroke with partial paralysis and obezvojennaya, almost blind Karina,” wrote Stas Sadalsky.