Пьер Нарцисс пытался откупиться от дочери Here which week has been simmering scandal over the graduate of “factory of stars”. The wife of the artist Valeria Kalacheva continues to assert that he raised his hand at her and an heiress Carolina. According to Kalachevo, once the artist, realizing his guilt, gave the child quite a large sum of money.
Пьер Нарцисс пытался откупиться от дочери

In late March, the singer of the hit “Chocolate hare” Pierre Nartsiss has become the focus of public attention. First artist accused in the brutal rape and then Kalacheva Valeria, the wife of the worker of show business, stated that her husband allegedly abused her on the arm. Moreover, the choice of the Pierre published records from the diary of the daughter of Carolina, in which she had expressed suicidal tendencies. Valeria recently told reporters that he tries to spend with the child conversation, which explains that such things are not joking. In turn, she tells what really was going through similar emotions when faced with problems in the family.

Pierre Narcisse brought her daughter to a serious illness

According to Kalachevo, Narcissus tried to change and made a promise to loved ones, but it never happened. Unlike Carolina, Valeria believed the head of the family.

“Pierre one after another parting came to us and gave the daughter quite a large sum of money, promised to change. My daughter understood, that nothing will change what she said to me after the Pierre and reconciliation. She did not believe father like I do,” says the woman.

At some point the patience Kalachevo came to an end. Valeria decided to part with Pierre. At the moment, the woman speaks, she communicates with her husband and tries to distract the daughter from the family’s problems. Valeria and Carolina do a lot of walking, visiting various leisure activities and try not to think about the past.

Earlier in the course of the conversation with the correspondent the darling of the popular actor said that divorcing her husband. Valeria claims that he made her life miserable. “I was with you, I’ve been forgiven. The doctors tried to persuade you not to drink. And every time you promised it to me. But you still drink… I can see your adventures, some of them I already know, I write from across the country. Taken my statements not teaching you anything, then get what they deserve” — with these words Kalacheva addressed to the spouse in the program NTV “Talk show”.

Pierre Narcisse was accused of alcoholism and brutal violence

While Valeria Kalacheva and radio host Marianne Suvorov continue to accuse Pierre Narcisse in violence, the artist himself vozderzhites from detailed comments about the current situation. During the conversation with reporters, the contractor noted that he believes a loud statement wife a way to attract extra attention. Singer believes that Valeria is planning to become a star thanks to the unfolding scandal. He also made it clear that it does not agree with the claims of the spouse. According to Pierre, he never hit his daughter and himself involved in her upbringing. The narcissist refused to answer question about when last saw child.

Correspondents, who had recently interviewed Valerie Kalachevo, called the singer and asked him about the diary entries of his daughter. However, Pierre Narcisse, as reported Sobesednik.ru said he did not understand what was going on, and hung up.